Clyde Collis Herbarium Book

Collection #19 of the Lloyd Library Archives is the student herbarium created by Clyde Collis 1912 in Warren County, Ohio, while a student in the Blanchester/Clarksville area. Collis, the son of Benjah Howe and Jeanette (Simpson) Collis, was born in 1895 in Warren County and was one of nine children. Clyde went on to serve in the United States Army during World War I. Upon his return, he ultimately married (Gladys Andrews), and he and his wife had two children. The family eventually moved to Erlanger, Kentucky, where Collis worked in the United States Post Office for nearly 40 years.

In 1912, he was given a student assignment to collect and identify various plants in Warren County.  The result was a small unbound volume containing 25 pages, each with a plant specimen, a detailed listing of the plant parts, and a brief classification, including the plant family, the scientific, and common names of the plant in question.

Page 15 from the Collis herbarium project


1 herbarium book with specimens and descriptions and classifications, 1912