The Hester F. Henshall (1849-1926) Collection
(1888, 1925)
Collection No. 25 (Formerly Special Collection 109)


Henshall's juniper from Montana volume 1Hester Ferguson Henshall was the wife of Dr. James A. Henshall, a graduate of the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati. Through that connection, Henshall became acquainted with the Lloyds and their botanical pursuits. She sent one volume of her wildflower paintings (see example of her work at right - a Juniper from Montana) to Curtis G. Lloyd in 1925 and soon sent the rest of what she had - a collection of flower portraits from Florida, Mississippi, and Montana, all places where Henshall and her husband had resided or visited for some period of time. The archival collection consists of correspondence to and about Henshall from Curtis G. Lloyd, David S. Jordan (University of Indiana) and Walter H. Aiken (Director of the Music Department, Cincinnati Public Schools), as well as copies of the index that Curtis Lloyd published to accompany the wildflower volumes.

The rest of the collection is the manuscript volumes of the paintings, which can be found in the Lloyd Library catalog by doing a simple keyword search using "Henshall."

Other known materials by Henshall are held by the Montana Historical Society (

Finding Aid completed 29 February 2012

Volume: approximately .25 lin. ft. in 1/2 boxes

Container List

Correspondence: C. G. Lloyd & Walter H. Aiken in re donation & preface to the index (1925); Davis S. Jordan to Dr. [?] Henshall (1888)
"Index to About 1200 Plates of Native Wild Flowers Painted in Natural Colors by Mrs. H. F. Henshall," 2 copies