General Book Collection

The Lloyd stacks house many thousands of books dating from 1700 to the present and comprise a wide variety of international, national, and regional resources. Some representative highlights include

  • The Flora of Donegalhistoric and contemporary floras from Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany, and a host of other countries and regions
  • early works on homeopathy, eclectic and botanic medicine, as well as other sectarian practices
  • primary and secondary resources covering the history and development of pharmacy practice and the pharmaceutical industry
  • recently published monographs on natural product development, herbal medicine, and alternative therapies

The Reference Collection in the Reading Room contains such materials as indices to botanical illustrations, taxonomic reference sources, history of medicine bibliographies, medical dictionaries, herb and drug dictionaries, alternative medicine encyclopedias, and current literature on evidence-based herbal medicine to name a few.

Rare Book Collection

This collection contains thousands of the Lloyd's most prized possessions. The scope encompasses key monographs in the library's focus areas dating from 1493 to 1699 for European titles and from 1798 to 1850 for American titles. Here one can find some of the earliest treatises on alchemy, botany, and domestic medicine, as well as the first works on American materia medica and masterpieces from some of the world's greatest natural history artists and botanical illustrators, such as Maria Sibylla Merian, Pierre Joseph Redouté, Mark Catesby, and Georg Dionysius Ehret. Among the Lloyd's treasures housed in this collection are:

Lully's Illuminati Sacre (1517)
  • an original copy of the ten-volume Flora Graeca (1801-1840) by John Sibthorp (read more about Flora Graeca here)
  • an original copy of Elizabeth Blackwell's A Curious Herbal (1739)
  • a 1493 printing of Mesue Vulgare, a book of remedies compiled by a 10th century Arabian physician
  • Illuminati Sacre (1517) by famed alchemist Raymond Lully

Special Print Collections

Front cover of John Uri Lloyd's Drugs & Medicines of North AmericaIn addition to the general and rare book collections, the Lloyd also houses a few discrete book and microfilm collections. They include

  • The Jeanne Rose Collection on aromatherapy and herbal medicine
  • The Lloyd Collection of published works by John Uri and Curtis Gates Lloyd
  • The Eclectic Medical Institute Library comprised of books owned by the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical Institute
  • The Darwin-Huxley microfilm collection containing the writings of Charles Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley

For complete access to our book and print holdings, please visit the online catalog.