Darwin, Huxley and the Natural Sciences

A major research collection of the manuscripts, letters, and diaries of Charles Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley, reproduced from Cambridge University Library, Down House, Kent, and the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London. These two pivotal figures in the history of sciences influenced almost every field of human thought, from politics and sociology to history and theology.

The first two units of the collection focus on the Scientific Papers and Correspondence of Thomas Henry Huxley. Huxley is most readily recognized as the ardent defender of Darwins theories of evolution and natural selection. However, he was an equally important and prolific scientist in his own right. Unit One contains thirty volumes of scientific and general correspondence in addition to personal papers; there is also a substantial section of subject papers covering anthropology, ethnology, botany, ethics, and religion. Notebooks, diaries, caricatures, and cartoons are also included. Unit Two presents material from Huxleys voyage of the H.M.S. Rattlesnake in its entirety, continuing with Huxleys relationship with General Booth and his criticisms of the Salvation Army. Three series of scientific notebooks, correspondence, and printed proofs are followed by Huxleys correspondence with Henrietta Heathron (his future wife) and his Scientific Memoirs, collected essays, and lectures.

The Darwin Papers include original manuscript versions of On the Origin of Species, On the Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants, The Beagle Diary, drafts and revisions of scientific papers, and articles and correspondence with many of his colleagues including J.D. Hooker and T.H. Huxley.

The Darwin/Huxley Reprint Collection presents one of the most complete collections of this kind in the latter nineteenth century, providing an insight into contemporary thought on evolution, botany, geology, and zoology, while standing witness to the scientific ideas current in Darwins lifetime. Materials are organized in a rough chronological order, including articles, papers, and reprints of the writings of Charles Darwins contemporaries, which were sent to him and which he organized into a numbered collection. There are precise annotations made by Darwin to denote the status of the offprints as to whether they were read or not and whether materials were worthy of further study.

This collection is enhanced by the contributions of Adrian Desmond (author of Darwin and Huxley: From Devils Disciple to Evolutions High Priest) and Peter Gautrey, former Keeper of the Darwin Manuscripts at Cambridge University Library. It presents researchers with the opportunity to study the observations, discourses, influences, and publications that culminated in a revolution of scientific thinking providing the foundations for evolutionary science today.

Darwin, Huxley and the Natural Sciences is a research microfilm collection presented by Research Publications International. It is contained on 183 reels of microfilm, divided into five units, and catalogued in the Lloyd Library collection under Library of Congress call number: QH31.H9 A2 1990.

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