Eclectic Medical Institute Matriculants

Complete listing of all EMI attendees and graduates, as well as those who claimed to have graduated from EMI but who likely did not. Includes Name, Residence, Place of Birth, Dates of Attendance, Preceptor Names, Fees Paid, Number of Courses Taken, Date of Graduation, Comments and Remarks, Female students, and if Lloyd Library has a photograph of the student. This is a downloadable pdf. It is 6.8 MB, 160 pages, so please be patient while it loads. It is text searchable. Print size is 11x17 landscape. Information compiled by Dr. John S. Haller and formatted and consolidated by Anna K. Heran, Lloyd Library and Museum Archivist.

"The Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati: An Analysis of Student Records, 1845-1939" by Dr. John S. Haller. This is an analysis of the trends noted among EMI matriculants by Dr. John S. Haller, who kindly transcribed the matriculation books of EMI into a digital format for Lloyd Library. Haller is a scholar of Reform Medicine in North America and is well familiar with the collections at Lloyd.



If you are unable to find an student or graduate that you believe attended EMI, but which you cannot find, please contact us and we can run a search for you.