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If Wine is Sublime...

grape imagesSeptember 15 - December 12, 2014

"If Wine is Sublime..." showcases rare books, maps, and artworks all about grapes, vineyards, and wine. The books date from the late 17th century to the present day and cover all aspects of grape growing, wine making, and medicinal usage of both the fruit and the fermented beverage. The gallery exhibition of art comes to the Lloyd from artists across the country and internationally and in a variety of media, from traditional botanical illustrations to woven tapestries, sculpture, and video installation. Check out the online gallery if you can't make it in person to see the show.

Gallery Artists

Jeni Engel Conley Dianne McElwain
Ingrid Finnan Asisa Madian
Jean Gallagher Arillyn Moran-Lawrence
Rose James Lynne Railsback
Sandra Kessel Sandra Rude
Victoria Kochergin Rudolf Tschudi
Richard Luschek II Trish Weeks


Asisa Madian's Egyptian Relief


Conley sculptureKocherginRude tapestry


Permanent Exhibit: The George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit

Lloyd cold stillThe George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit features a patented Lloyd Cold Still (at right) built in Cincinnati and used at the University of Michigan and at AYSL Corp; significant components of the Soxhlet extractor used by Drs. Monroe Wall and Mansukh Wani to isolate the anti-cancer drug Taxol® at Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina; and culminates with a look at the anti-allergen drug, Benadryl® and its creator, local Cincinnati scientist and philanthropist, George Rieveschl, Jr.

This exhibit made possible through the generous support of: The George Rieveschl, Jr. Book Fund; American Chemical Society-Cincinnati Chapter;  American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation; Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Foundation; AYSL Corporation; Research Triangle Institute;  LLM’s Friends and Donors; Anonymous; Camden Foundation; In Memory of the Grabowski Family; Brian Hanson; and Benet’s Pharmacy.






Upcoming Exhibits

January - March 2015 - Cactus - Photograph exhibition by Joel Quimby (tentative) and rare book exhibit

April - early August 2015 - Medical Illustration exhibition

September - early December 2015 - Catesby in Context

Want to exhibit your own artwork at the Lloyd?

For more information about exhibiting artwork at the Lloyd, please contact the Curator, provide a resume, a digital sample(s) of your work, a possible topic of your show, and time frame(s) that you are available to exhibit. We will get back to you with a decision and other information at our earliest convenience.

Exhibition Catalogs - Past Exhibits

"Wounded Home" (July 20, 2013 - January 18, 2014) (Click here to view the exhibition web page)

"What Makes the Reindeer Fly?" (December 1, 2012 - February 28, 2013)

"The North American Experience: Early American Illustrated" (March 25-June 21, 2013)


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