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Ornithology at the Lloyd

The Ibis volume 1 plate 8 birds of paradiseBirds have long captured our imagination. We are driven to know these creatures, so different from us, yet such a part of our everyday lives. People have watched, studied, and documented bird life for centuries and, unbeknownst to many, a nice representation of this scholarship is right here at the Lloyd Library. Ancient Zoological texts sit near 20th century ornithological journals. Works by John James Audubon complement those by William Bartram and Alexander Wilson. We also have books for children, books about local birds, and books dedicated to feathers, nests, eggs, and skeletons.

Catesby's Little White Heron v1 pl 77All of the works in this exhibit contain artwork of beautiful birds drawn by natural history illustrators throughout history, from the well-known Mark Catesby to the anonymous work found in ornithological periodicals. We have highlighted two fascinating American birds, the Ivory-billed woodpecker and the Passenger pigeon, and have featured birds of prey, parrots, and water birds.