Children's 19th Century Scientific Literature

Housed within the Lloyd Library's book collections are some wonderful 19th century volumes dedicated to the enlightenment and education of children. As one might expect, most of the volumes are related to botany, zoology, and naturalist studies. Featured here are selections from some of the more well-known authors or images from books that were particularly well illustrated. Images of the authors themselves have been provided when available. Most of this exhibit features the cover art from the books, but also demonstrates some of the artwork from inside pages, as well as some select text. The exhibit is arranged in alphabetical order by author's last name.

Because of the recent focus on children's programming at the Library, these types of works are getting more attention. Additionally, current volumes related to children and botany have made it onto the acquisition lists to help grow this area of the collection. In an effort to make our holdings more well-known in this arena, this exhibit has been constructed. Enjoy!

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