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Vegetable Moulds figure 2Researches megatheriumJournal of Research coverJournal of Researches Cape Horn

Journal of Researches Buonos AyresImage of the BeagleOrchids figure 3Orchids figure 27

Cover detail from the Orchids bookMovements of Plants figure 59Insectivorous Plants figure 13Flower Forms figure 7Flower Forms figurue 10

Emotions figure 10 affectionate catEmotions figure 18 disappointed chimpDomestics Figure 2 Japan pigDomestics Figures 6 and 7 rabbit skullsDomestics Figure 30 Spanish Fowl

Descent of Man figure 28Descent of Man figure 50Descent of Man figure 53Descent of Man figure 64

Descent of Man figure 70Climbing plants figure 3Cirripedia plate 15Cirripedia plate1

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