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Sugar and the Body:

Historical Treasures from the Lloyd Library


"As a remedy in itself, sugar has been quite often a therapeutic factor in both domestic and regular medicine."
- John Uri Lloyd, Origin and History of all the Pharmacopoeial
Vegetable Drugs, Chemicals, and Preparations

In collaboration with the Lloyd Library and Museum, students from
Xavier University created the exhibit "Sugar and the Body" to explore
herbal and medicinal uses of sugar. During the course of their research,
they also grappled with issues surrounding the sugar industry: slavery,
disease, and economic botany.

This web exhibit highlights select items from the exhibit staged at the
Lloyd Library. "Sugar and the Body" is also connected to a larger
exhibit produced under the direction of Xavier University associate
History professor Karim Tiro at Findlay Market. This exhibit
"Bittersweet: The History of Sugar in North America" will run from
May through July.