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Klein skeleton of handThis summer, the Lloyd is showcasing books on anatomy and medicine. Anatomical and medical art can be beautiful, but we're going to start with something simple and fun for you!

Your bones help you stay upright, help you get a firm grip, run, play, swim, and all sorts of things. But, your skin is just as interesting, especially some of the wrinkles and bumps and textures it has. Nothing is more unique than the fingerprint - each person has their own individual pattern. And, you can translate that into something artistic.

Thumbprint Art - we're going to explore a couple of things you can do with your thumbprint. From turning it into art itself, to using it to make art.

Making Art from your Thumbprint

thumbprintYou can make anything from a smiley face to a foot-long caterpillar using just your thumb, an ink pad, and a pen or marker.

thumbprint balloonSupplies:



thumbprint carthumbprint fishthumbprint pigthumbprint flowerthumbprint turtle

Turn your Thumbprint into ART - Now that you've made your thumb or fingerprint on paper, you can really examine it. If you have a scanner, you can scan it and blow it up. Or, if you have a magnifying glass, you can use that to really get a close up look at the lines and swirl patterns that make up your unique fingerprint. You can do this project on paper, or if you get really ambitious, use sidewalk chalk and take this project outdoors!



Thumbprint sketch in color

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