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"Woodcuts" in your kitchen

Kids - get a parent, babysitter, or some trusted adult to help you make your own "woodcut" using just a few things you probably already have in your kitchen!

suppliesWhat you'll need:



Step 1:

Have an adult cut in half a large baking potato.
cut potato

Step 2:

Draw a picture on your potato - we chose a flower, but any simple line-drawing will do the job.
potato picture

Step 3:

Get your adult to come back now - more cutting is involved. Using a small bladed knife, cut around your drawn image - either just on the outside, or around the inner lines as well.
cutting image

Next, you need to remove a layer of potato from the outside and up to your image cutting. Slice sideways being careful not to remove the part of your potato you want to keep.
cutting the side

cut away portion

Step 4:

Pour some paint onto your paper or other plate and get your blank paper ready. It's time to coat your cut around image with paint. You can either dip it, like we're showing here, or you can use a paint brush or small roller to apply the paint to the potato's suface. If you have too much excess paint, use a paper towel or tissue to collect that and get it off of your potato "woodblock."
paint onto potato

Step 5:

Now you get to make your print! Press the potato firmly and evenly on the page (if you think there's a little curve to the surface you can gently rock the potato back and forth over the paper surface to get contact with the whole image.
potato printYou can make several prints from "inking" of your print block.

And, you get extra creative by adding more than one color to your potato - this is especially easy if you use a brush to apply the color - you could get green leaves and a different color for the bloom, like the flower we've done here, or get wild and crazy and try something that looks tie-dyed by swirling different color paints onto your plate and then dipping the potato into the mix and making the print.


Once you've made your own print block and prints, plan a visit to the Lloyd and come see some historic prints. You'll be amazed at what can be done with a simple block of wood and a chisel.

Search the Lloyd Catalog in advance of your visit, or just come on in and browse!

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