Museum and Art Collections

Object collections within the Lloyd include a variety of pharmaceutical equipment and materials, including extractors, mortars and pestles, medicine bottles (primarily from Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists, Inc., but also from other manufacturers largely contemporary with the Lloyds), and medical equipment. The museum collection also holds a variety of other items, including diplomas from the Eclectic Medical Institute, awards, plaques, and other memorabilia related to individuals and organizations whose archival records are also held at the Lloyd.

The art collection consists of original artworks, photographs, and other ephemera. Some of it dates from the time of the Lloyds, while other pieces are more recent. Significant holdings include select works from J. Augustus Knapp, commissioned by John Uri and Curtis Gates Lloyd for a variety of projects, as well as the Vesalius Trust Collection of Art in the Service of Science. The Vesalius Trust Collection consists of the work of independent medical illustrators, generally members of the Association of Medical Illustrators, which have been donated to the Lloyd through the Vesalius Trust, a non-profit organization.

The below links will take you to the finding aids/inventories of the Lloyd Library and Museum Museum and Art Collections. This is not a complete list of holdings, but rather a listing of collections available for viewing or research. Some materials may be restricted for use due to copyright concerns. See other materials in the online museum catalog.


Library Art Collection - 1936 and earlier
Lloyd Medicine Bottle Collection

Vesalius Trust Collection of Art in the Service of Science. Listed below are the artists represented in the collection along with the approximate dates the art was created.

  • William M. Andrews (ca. 1981-1999)
  • Barry Baker (ca. 1975)
  • Lewis Calver (ca. 1978-1991)
  • Robert Demarest (ca. 1985)
  • Melford Diedrick (ca. 1935-1977)
  • Russell Drake (ca. 1920-1964)
  • Martin Finch (ca. 1959-2008)
  • Jody Fulks-Sjogren (ca. 1980-1989)
  • Anne B. Greene (ca. 1984-1995)
  • Richard Hall (ca. 1971-2003)
  • William Hamilton (ca. 1988-1998)
  • Steve Harrison (ca. 2006)
  • Marcia Hartsock (ca. 1985-1998)
  • Fred Harwin (unknown)
  • Caspar Henselmann (ca. 1955-1994)
  • Jean Hirsch (ca. 1940)
  • John Hutchinson (ca. 1964)
  • Russell Jones (ca. 1978)
  • Sophie (Beverly) Kessler (ca. 1985)
  • Christy Krames (ca. 1996)
  • R.N. Lane (unknown)
  • Carol Pienta Larsen (ca. 1985-1986)
  • Craig Luce (ca. 2002)
  • George Lynch (unknown)
  • Mary Maciel (ca. 1974)
  • P.D. Malone (unknown)
  • Elizabeth Roselius Martin (ca. 1990-2006)
  • Teri McDermott (ca. 1987-1992)
  • Muriel McLatchie Miller (ca. 1962)
  • Diane Lois Nelson (unknown)
  • Frank Netter (unknown)
  • William A. Osburn (ca. 1947)
  • Jessie Phillips (ca. 1960)
  • Frank Robinson (unknown)
  • Leon Schlossberg (ca. 1980s)
  • Mark Schornak (unknown)
  • Deborah Sensel-Davis (ca. 1988)
  • Kevin Alan Somerville (ca. 1995-2006)
  • Peter Stone (unknown)
  • Edith Tagrin (ca. 1995)
  • Al Teoli (unknown)
  • Patricia Thomas (ca. 1977-1993)
  • Catherine Twomey (ca. 1982-1998)
  • Marcia Williams (unknown)
  • Maria Wishart (ca. 1927-1928)





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