Vesalius Trust Collection of Art in the Service of Science - Leon Schlossberg Collection

Schlossberg art supplies boxThe Schlossberg collection came to the Lloyd Library and Museum through the Vesalius Trust Collection of Art in the Service of Science as a donation by Marie Dauenheimer in 2012. Dauenheimer was a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Arts Program in the 1980s where she was a student of Leon Schlossberg. Schlossberg believed in teaching living anatomy and encouraged his students to understand the relationship between the skeleton, organ systems, and all the other parts of the living being in order to better portray the body through their art.

Dauenheimer obtained Schlossberg's art supplies box at an auction by the Vesalius Trust at the Association of Medical Illustrators conference in 2009.

Below is a brief record of the items in the Schlossberg Collection. Click here to download the complete inventory.

Collection described by Marcia Hartsock, museum collection volunteer under the supervision of Anna Heran, Museum Curator.

Accession Number
Title of Object
Size h x w
Date of creation
Wooden box of art supplies
wooden box, drawing implements for carbon dust and ink line drawing
32 x 23 x 5 cm
outside varnished with painted decoration, inside with four divisions, contents: crow quill pen holders and nibs, conte holders, carbon pencils, knife blade holders
A Cross-section Anatomy
30 x 57 cm
advertising brochure for book, publisher Appleton-Century-Crofts, authors Eycleshymer and Schoemaker, illustrator Tom Jones
Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students
21 x 24 cm
28 loose pages, cover page signed "Leon Schossberg, Johns Hopkins Hospital", title pages, photographs of human bodies, some with pencil anatomy drawn in