The Vesalius Trust for Visual Communication in the Health Sciences

Vesalius Trust logoThe Vesalius Trust, established in 1988 by the Association of Medical Illustrators, is a non-profit public foundation whose mission is to provide leadership for the advancement of education and research in visual communication for the health sciences. The organization's goal is to facilitate the effective dissemination of health information through visual means. The Trust provides scholarships and grants to forward research, makes awards to professionals who have demonstrated outstanding ability and impact in the field of health visual communication, and fosters collegial interactions among both new and established professionals.

Part of its mission is also to promote the preservation of health-related visual arts. To that end, it entered into an agreement with the Lloyd Library and Museum in 2010, whereby the Lloyd would serve as a repository for medical illustrators' collections, especially for independent illustrators who might not have an institutional affiliation that would help ensure the preservation of their life's work. Since that time, the Lloyd has gladly accepted numerous collections and anticipates being in receipt of even more. The collection is germaine to the Lloyd's vast book collection, which contains historical works on anatomy, disease, and all other manner of medical practice from the late 1400s CE and forward.

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