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Sprout pencilsSprout Pencils - the pencils you can grow.

8 pack and 3 pack boxes contain a variety of herbs

Singles are herbs, vegetables, and flowers (just put in the message box which variety you want, or call if you want to make a custom 8 pack (513)-721-3707):

Cherry Tomato Rosemary
Mint Marigold
Lavender Basil
Thyme Cilantro
Parsley Forget-me-not
Dill Calendula
Sage Sunflower
Boxed or Single Pencils
Choose your seeds for singles

Just arrived in the store! NEW FOR 2015!

Poster reproduction of Dianne McElwain's Medicinal Plants of Ohio

The original resides in the Lloyd Art Collection and is on display in the reading room. Now you can own your own poster of this amazing watercolor work by award-winnning botanical artist, Dianne McElwain.

18 x 24" - Suitable for framing


Pepper poster

Don't miss your chance to get this one-of-a-kind poster showcasing some of the unique images from the Lloyd Library Collection featuring Chile Peppers. Background image features Joseph Tournefort's description of Capsicum.
Very eye-catching!

You won't find this anywhere else!



Poster image for the Joseph Dalton Hooker Exhibit, 2011Don't miss your chance to get this one-of-a-kind poster commemorating the life and career of Joseph Dalton Hooker, one of the foremost botanists of the 19th century, friend and colleague of Charles Darwin, and Director of Kew Gardens.

The design features one of the many plants that Hooker documented while in India and the Himalayas.

You won't find this anywhere else!


Lloyd Library Pen - "Lloyd Library and Museum, Bringing Science, Art, and History to Life; www.lloydlibrary.org"
Apothecary Jar with Lloyd Library logo - clear glass with green logo. Perfect for ornamentation or holding some of your favorite snacks.
Green faceted glass mug with Lloyd Library logo in white. Holds 13 oz.
Stylish and functional - this bag has it all! Top zippered compartment, back velcro pocket, front rounded zipper compartment, mesh water bottle pocket, and a spot to keep a few business cards handy. Black and grey with white lettering.

purple finchblue grosbeaksmall bitternsummer redbirdlittle owl

2015 Edition Lloyd Library notecards - Catesby's Birds Series - pack of 10 cards (2 of each design) with envelopes.
Designs are from the Library's own collection.

2008 Edition Lloyd Library notecards - Echinacea/Rudbeckia Series - pack of 15 cards (3 of each design) with envelopes. Designs are from the Library's own collection.

Set of 10 cards and envelopes featuring the well-known etching by Carolyn Williams of the Lloyd Library shortly after the building opening.
Card Selection

John Uri Lloyd: The Great American Eclectic
Michael A. Flannery (1998) - hardcover.

This is the definitive biography on John Uri Lloyd, done by one of the Lloyd Library's former directors. Lloyd was a true Renaissance man of the 19th and early 20th centuries. A chemist/pharmacist by training, he was an innovative and meticulous researcher, world traveller, community leader, and fiction writer. This volume enlightens readers about the man and the times in which he lived.
Don't miss it!


Big Bone Lick
Willard Rouse Jillson,
with a foreword by John Uri Lloyd (1936) - hardcover.

This is an early account of the efforts and people involved in getting Big Bone Lick (BBL), Kentucky, made into a state preserved site. BBL is the first paleontological site to be explored in the US and is important in understanding paleontology's history in North America. This hard-to-find book is a bargain.


Joseph Rodes BuchananJoseph Rodes Buchanan: Architect of the Spirit World, 1814-1899
John S. Haller, Jr. (2011) - digital download (pdf format - will be delivered via email after payment is received)

This is an insightful biography on one of the Eclectic Medical Institute's most colorful leaders. Buchanan, a Kentucky native, espoused many radical ideas, including adherence to a belief in Spiritualism, communication with the spirit world, and his advanced theories on the brain/body connection. Don't miss your chance to learn about this fascinating 19th century figure. Available exclusively through Lloyd Library and Museum.


A Profile in Alternative Medicine: The Eclectic Medical College, 1845-1942
John S. Haller, Jr. (1999) - hardcover

Haller's expertly written treatment of one of the most important Eclectic medical schools in the US is filled with the personalities and drama, as well as the struggles to survive, that characterized the EMI. The school lasted nearly 100 years in Cincinnati and was defeated, as all non-conventional schools were for a time, by politics and socio-economic forces that were too much.


America's Botanico-Medical Movements: Vox Populi
Alex Berman and Michael A. Flannery (2001) - hardcover

Considered the first comprehensive book on the American botanical movement, "Vox Populi" is a scholarly, yet entertaining, and exhaustive history of botanical therapeutics.  The authors tell the entire story of the movement from its rise and fall in the 19th century to a second wave of enthusiasm born in the 1960s counterculture, and the recent reemergence of phytotherapy in the United States


America's Botanico-Medical Movements: Vox Populi
Alex Berman and Michael A. Flannery (2001) - softcover.

See description above


The People's Doctors: Samuel Thomson and the American Botanical Movement, 1790-1860, John S. Haller, Jr. (2000) - hardcover.

This is an account of both Samuel Thomson and the Thomsonian botanical medicine movement in the US. Thomson could be quite contentious and difficult, so this is an entertaining as well as educational read. Haller captures the mood of the country, the state of medical practice and education, as well as the nuances of Thomson himself.

Full Descriptions of the Bulletins of the Lloyd Library can be found in the Library's online catalog.
Bulletin No. 1: Reproduction Series No. 1, "Collections for an Essay Towards a Materia Medica of the United States," (1798, 1804), Benjamin Smith Barton, 1900.
Bulletin No. 2: Reproduction Series No. 2, "The Indian Doctor's Dispensatory being Father Smith's Advice respecting Diseases and Their Cure," (1812), Peter Smith, 1901.
Bulletin No. 3: Mycological Series No. 1, "The Genera of Gastromycetes," C. G. Lloyd, 1902.
Bulletin No. 4: Pharmacy Series No. 1, "References to Capillarity to the End of the Year 1900," Sigmund Waldbott, 1902.
Bulletin No. 5: Mycological Series No. 2, "The Geastrae," C. G. Lloyd, 1902.
Bulletin No. 6: Reproduction Series No. 3, "Materia Medica Americana Potissimum Regni Vegetabilis Erlangae," (1787), Johann David Schoepf, 1903.
Bulletin No. 7: Reproduction Series No. 4, "An Account of Some of the Vegetable Productions, Naturally Growing in this Part of America," (1785), Manasseh Cutler, 1903.
Bulletin No. 8: Mycological Series No. 3, "The Lycoperdaceae of Australia, New Zealand and Neighboring Islands," C. G. Lloyd, 1905.
Bulletin No. 9: Reproduction Series No. 5, "An Investigation of the Properties of the San Guinaria Canadensis...," (1803), William Downey; "Travels Through the Interior Parts of North America in the Years 1766, 1767 and 1768," (1778), J. Carver; and "Libellus de usu Medico Pulsatillae Nigricantis," (1771), Antonius Stoerck, 1907.
Bulletin No. 10: Reproduction Series No. 6, "Hydrastis Canadensis," (1884), J. U. and C. G. Lloyd, 1908.
Choose Bulletin No.
Bulletin No. 11: Reproduction Series No. 7, "Life and Medical Discoveries of Samuel Thomson and a History of the Thomsonian Materia Medica," 1835, 1909.
Bulletin No. 12: Pharmacy Series No. 2, "The Eclectic Alkaloids, Resins, resinoids, Oleo-Resins and Concentrated Principles," 1910.
Bulletin No. 13: Mycological Series No. 4, "Synopsis of the Known Phalloids," C. G. Lloyd, 1909.
Bulletin No. 14: Mycological Series No. 5, "Synopsis of the Genus Hexagona," C. G. Lloyd, 1910.
Bulletin No. 15: Botany Series No. 1, "Catalogue of the Ferns and Flowering Plants of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Vicinity," W. H. Aiken, 1911.
Bulletin No. 16: Botany Series No. 2, "Reise durch einige der mittlern und suedlichen Vereinigten Nordamerikanischen Staaten...," (1788), Johann David Schoepf, 1911.
Bulletin No. 17: Pharmacy Series No. 3, "Gelsemium: A Study that Embodies the Recent Work of Professor L. E. Sayre...," 1911.
Bulletin No. 18: Pharmacy Series No. 4, "History of the Vegetable Drugs of the Pharmacopeia of the United States," John Uri Lloyd, 1911.
Bulletin No. 19: Pharmacy Series No. 5, "Biographies of John King, M.D., Andrew Jackson Howe, A.B., M.D., and John Milton Scudder, M.D.," Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., 1912.
Bulletin No. 20: Mycological Series No. 6, "Synopsis of the Stipitate Polyporoids," C. G. Lloyd, 1912.
Choose Bulletin No.
Bulletin No. 21: Entomological Series No. 1, "The Biology of the North American Caddis Fly Larvae," John Thomas Lloyd, 1921.
Bulletin No. 23: Entomological Series No. 3, "Morphology, Anatomy and Ethology of Nemoura," Chenfu Francis Wu, 1923.
Bulletin No. 24: Entomological Series No. 4, "Neurotropical Mayflies," James G. Needham and Helen E. Murphy, 1924.
Bulletin No. 25: Botany Series No. 3, "Index to about 1200 Plates of Wild Flowers Painted in Natural Colors," Hester Ferguson Henshall, 1925.
Bulletin No. 26: Reproduction Series No. 8, "The Genesis of the American Materia Medica, including biographical sketch of 'John Joesselyn Gent'," Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D., 1927.
Bulletin No. 27: Entomological Series No. 5, "A Preliminary Biological Survey of the Lloyd-Cornell Reservation," Scientific Staff of Cornell University, 1926.
Bulletin No. 28: Historical, "THe Lloyd Library and its Makers: An Historical Sketch," Caswell A. Mayo, 1928.
Bulletin No. 29: Reproduction Series no. 9, "Drugs and Medicines of North America," (1884-1887), J. U. and C. G. Lloyd, 1930.
Bulletin No. 30: Reproduction Series No. 9, part 2, " Drugs and Medicines of North America," (1884-1887), J. U. and C. G. Lloyd, 1931.
Bulletin No. 31: Reproduction Series No. 9, Vol. II, "Drugs and Medicines of North America," (1884-1887), J. U. and C. G. Lloyd, 1931.
Choose Bulletin No.
Bulletin No. 32: Mycological Series No. 7, "General Index to the Mycological Writings of C. G. Lloyd, 1898-1925," John A. Stevenson, 1933.
Bulletin No. 33: Botany Series No. 4, "Flora of Samoa," C. G. Lloyd and Walter H. Aiken, 1934.
Bulletin No. 34: Catalogue, "Catalogue of the Periodical Literature in the Lloyd Library," Walter H. Aiken and Sigmund Waldbott, 1936.
Bulletin No. 35: Mycological Series No. 8, "The New Fungus Names, proposed by C. G. Lloyd," John A. Stevenson and Edith K. Cash, 1936.
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Digital Reprint of "Plants Used Against Cancer: A Survey," Jonathan L. Hartwell's articles in Lloydia, 1967-1971.
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